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The general membership terms of the club are based on its rules, with the following specifics:

  • Membership fees are billed annually in full in January. For beginners joining in the second half of the year, the membership fee is billed upon enrollment. Training fees are paid semi-annually in advance. Both the membership fee and training fee are billed through the club's membership and billing system, Spond Club.

  • Membership and training fees are invoiced together: the first half-year (January-June) is billed in January and includes both fees, while the second half-year (July-December) is billed in August and includes only the training fee. For new members in the second half-year, the membership fee is also billed.

  • Membership fees and training fees are non-refundable.

  • Members must adhere to the club's safety instructions and training rules.

  • Members are responsible for ensuring they are fit to participate in the club's training offerings.

  • Eligibility for grading is determined by the club's instructors based on the member's progress.

  • Misuse of martial arts can lead to expulsion from the club.

  • Membership is personal and non-transferable.

  • The club reserves the right to close on Sundays and holidays and may offer limited services during vacations and restricted access to school gyms.

  • The club reserves the right to change opening and training times.

  • Membership fees and training fees are set annually by the general meeting. The insurance premium and membership pass through Norges Kampsportforbund and JKA (Japanese Karate Association) are included. The payment frequency for membership fees and training fees is set by the club's board.

  • Paid membership and training fees constitute enrollment in the club. The contract is automatically renewed for a half-year unless valid cancellation is received.

  • Cancellation deadlines: May 31st for the first half-year (affecting the following second half-year), and November 30th for the second half-year (affecting the following first half-year).

  • Invoices for gasshuku (training camps) and gradings are sent via Spond registration. Members who fail to pay in time for gasshuku and grading will be denied participation and grading.

  • If a member becomes ill or injured for an extended period during the contract, they should contact the club's administration.

  • Late payment or breach of contract results in the immediate due of the remaining amount. Delayed payment may also incur interest according to the law on interest on late payments, as well as extrajudicial collection costs under regulations to the debt collection act, the enforcement act, and the dispute act.

  • All questions regarding membership terms and payments should be directed to the club at

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